Black River Apparel launched in 2021 to help bring customized, stylish, and comfortable apparel to the masses. As dedicated gym addicts, as well as outdoor enthusiasts, we’ve always faced challenges finding clothes we love to wear that fit correctly, and are backed by a company that supports true American values. This is why Black River Apparel was born. 

Black River Apparel is also passionate about providing quality work and craftsmanship on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. We have an ever-growing line of Made in USA clothes that are exceptional in comfort and quality. We believe that Americans deserve amazing clothing that is actually made in America. 

We love serving hard-working individuals who prioritize living their best lives. Whether you’re spending time outdoors, hiking, hunting, off-roading, or boating, we have the apparel for you. Beyond providing you with incredible clothing, Black River Apparel also strives to do the right thing, take care of our customers, and prioritize your quest for comfort, craftsmanship, and quality at a reasonable price.